About Nanna's Secret

​​DUKKAH is an exotic blend of roasted nuts, herbs and spices first created in Egypt... and now perfected in Philly (pronounced DOOkah and meaning pound or crush in Arabic). The creator of Nanna’s Secret produces an authentic old Egyptian DUKKAH recipe that is all natural and locally made using her grandmother’s recipe. Aromatic, savory and utterly delicious, this amazing nut and spice blend conjures up the mystery of the Nile and the secrets of the Sahara right in your own kitchen. 


Versatile DUKKAH has become an international sensation over the past few years, first in Australia and New Zealand. Offering the perfect flavor enhancer to your favorite recipes, sprinkle DUKKAH on roasted vegetables, pasta, salad, cheeses and omelets.  DUKKAH is also ideal as a crust for fish, chicken and lamb chop. More simply, dip for your favorite bread into olive oil and then DUKKAH  for a tantalizing treat.  


Anyway you choose to use Nanna's Secret DUKKAH, enjoy!